simple ideas to inspire creativity

All sorts of beautiful shapes and forms can be made from very simple materials. This video uses recycled cardboard kitchen roll/tubes. There is something very freeing about using these shapes to create artworks and this simple and readily available material offers endless possibilities. This video can be used at home or in the classroom to kick start some creative ideas on what to make. Once cut, the kitchen roll shapes can be attached together using staples, glue or tape.

Dried autumn leaves make for the most beautiful of art materials. When working with organic shapes like these, forms often just emerge as you play with the material - whether abstract or more representational.

the roar of expression

The opportunity for artistic expression is two-fold when making these simple puppets: making the puppets and then playing with them. This video shows some dinosaurs being created, but this easy method could be used to make anything. There are no limits when it comes to the imagination:)

This stencil project is great for introducing the concept of arranging geometric shapes to make artworks. This video shows a tractor being constructed but as ever, the possibilities are endless:)

Just one simple shape and some chalk can create the most beautiful artwork…

Building up texture in an artwork can be done by using different materials, but also using many different shades of the same color. You can see an example of this in this video, where the pond is made from different types of paper, in various shades of blue and green.

the nature of texture

tearing and folding paper to make leaves, so simple but so much fun

Folding is a lovely way to register texture and detail in paper artworks. Here is a simple demonstration in this video of how you can do this to make leaves.

playful painting...

Sponge painting is a beautifully expressive process which is very playful and open-ended. All you need is paint, a few sponges and lots of paper - here are a few ideas to get started with…

Here are some of the artworks that our app Scribbaloo Train has inspired…

Working with tissue paper here, layering various shades of the same colour is an interesting way to experiment with texture and detail in an artwork. This video shows a simple blossom tree project.

the heart of art

Explore ways to make wonderful cards and artworks from hearts!

Clay is such a basic material, but can produce very detailed and varied textures and intricacies. This video shows some of the ways clay can be used.

Preschoolers and art

Less is more. Keeping it simple, with clay, paint and collage, here are some of our best videos for the preschool age group. These videos focus on expression, play and experimentation.

Torn up tissue paper is a lovely material to work with and it’s especially great for really young artists.

Felt is a lovely material to work with, coming in all colours and easy to cut. This video shows a street scene being constructed from simple geometric shapes.