the heart of art

Explore ways to make wonderful cards and artworks from hearts!

Here is a short valentine inspired video. Almost everything in the video is made from paper heartsđź’•

For more heart inspired creations and valentine’s day card ideas, see below.

Five pink hearts, all slightly different shades, are used with wire to create heart balloons on the card pictured below. The balloon’s ribbon is made from a thin strip of paper, which can be curled around a pencil for effect. If you don’t have wire some twine or wool works just as well for the balloon strings. Making the card itself is really easy: it’s just a rectangular piece of card or paper folded in two!

Recycled paper of all sorts is great for collage. This heart is made from a scrap of old recycled crumpled wrapping paper.

Another example of using paper with a pattern on it. Magazine pages, newspaper, or old wallpaper can be great for this.

Lots of smaller hearts are used for this card, below. This kind of collage looks really pretty and is great for the preschool age, as little kids love the freedom of sticking the hearts wherever they want! For more preschool art making ideas check out this page.

Lots of little hearts make one great pink heart on this card. This is a simple idea, but it makes a strong visual impact.