Scribbaloo Train

Here are some of the artworks that our app Scribbaloo Train has inspired…

The first scene in the Scribbaloo Train app, shows an interactive street scene made from craft materials. Here these kids are re-creating the scene themselves in real life and first up, they are painting the sky:)

Next the sky is hung out to dry. On a lovely sunny day, it sure is nice to paint in the open air where there is lots of space.

Just like in the app, the collage is being created on the wall, using lots of different types of paper to make buildings.

The artists have decided to use smaller rectangle shapes to make windows for the buildings.

Some drawing directly onto the collage, depicting some finer details.

More windows! These are being painted on using a sponge painting technique.

This collage is beginning to shape up very nicely.

What next? Oh yes, the train! Very important.

And then the tracks, also very important!

What a beautiful collage:)

Now time for a play!